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We make it simple. We know that whether you choose traditional publishing, hybrid, or self-publishing, all require that you take control of the promotion of your work with concise branding, a beautiful website, and sizzling marketing materials.  We customize the optimal path for you through myriad options.

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Writer standing on a boat dock

It all starts with you. You have a desire to create, you feel ready to dive in, and we know that it takes many strokes to complete a polished manuscript and get to the other side.

We help you navigate through the process to manifest your unique vision.

Writer thinking

From your initial concept, we design the building blocks to construct your solid, innovative strategic plan.


Through getting started with your novel, to writing, copywriting, editing, book design and cover design concept, we provide you with an individual program for sales and marketing to get you from A to Z.

Writer with a journal

Writing your first, second, and third drafts, reading and re-reading, copy editing, you think you are done!

Walter Mosely disagrees. 'You write it and then you read it and then you rewrite it and then you read it and then you rewrite it, and you say, this is wrong, but I know how to fix it and you rewrite it...'

We offer all levels of copywriting -  from Senior Editorial to final grammar checks prior to publication.

Writer finishing her book

The book is finished but there is still more work to be done.  We turn the strategic plan into tactical action steps to sell your books. We turn on the spigot!


We help you decide on the most effective path to publish your finished manuscript and create a strategic plan for launch.

Traditional publishing?

Hybrid publishing?


Reader on the beach

How do you deliver your finished book to your target audience?

There are multiple channels!




Social Media

It's a thicket! We thin the branches and clear the path!

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