Our History

Linda Fairchild & Company, formerly Linda Fairchild Contemporary Art, was founded in 2002 as an innovative gallery in the historic Waterfront District of San Francisco. For over twenty years, the company has championed Visual Artists, Writers, Musicians, and Activists through art exhibitions, book launches, film screenings, and musical performances. 

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The gallery, Linda Fairchild Contemporary Art, was integrated throughout the historic building at 921 Front Street in San Francisco. The architect who restored the building had always envisioned that many of his interior details would ultimately showcase art.


The German Steinway was always in play at the many art openings and gala affairs in the gallery.

It wasn't long before the tenants  affectionately nicknamed 921 Front Street "The Magic Building".

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Located in the historic North Waterfront District of San Francisco, 921 Front Street was built in 1855 and survived the massive earthquake of 1906. Housing 18 small businesses, it had a continual flow of daily visitors and guests at Linda Fairchild's many art, music, and cultural events. She displayed art throughout this unique architectural gem.