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L. Scooter Morris 

A Sensory Illusionist, Morris brings abstraction into the visceral. She paints in a layered technique that allows the viewer, the collector, to move beyond a cognitive understanding of her work and feel her message through the illusionary tactile experience as if they were touching the work.

Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA, Morris was exposed at an early age to the art of the Carnegie Museum before attending the renowned Tyler School of Art. She received her BFA from University of Southern California, followed by post-grad work at UCLA. Drawn to the unique atmosphere and light of the Southwest, she established herself in Santa Fe, NM, where she lives and keeps her studio today.

Portrait of the artist L. Scooter Morris


Often collectors yearn for a painting that is already sold. Morris will create a unique commission for the new collector that captures the essence of the original and yet is not a copy.

Painting Called to Action


Morris' sculpted paintings appear to be representational, yet they are ethereal and abstract.


In the October-November 2020 issue of Santa Fean, Kevin Paul writes "Morris' sculpted paintings achieve an integration of color, light and texture with many surface variations. This can be seen in her landscape paintings, where this technique allows her to build up rich layers of subtle details that are only revealed upon close inspection. It suggests an aging process, giving the works a feeling of topographic layers."

Painting Another American Flag

Illustrated Books

Written and illustrated by Morris,  her two books, "Sculpted Paintings" and "Tread Softly - Our American Journey" are perfect examples of her fluency and the elegance of her writing. 

Book Cover Tread Softly by L. Scooter Morris
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