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What's Your Slogan?

I am in British Columbia taking care of my childhood friend’s Border Collie puppy while she is singing in Venice. We grew up together from the age of four in a pulp and paper mill town in Nova Scotia. My father was in charge of woodlands, her father was an engineer and builder. Upon arrival, I mentioned that I am in hot demand as an animal sitter as I am all about safety. She remarked, “Well, it’s from our parents. Every day when our fathers drove through the gates of the mill, there it was – the big sign that said SAFETY FIRST!”

As I hike up the mountain with the dog, I remember all that I learned in the woods as a child. Pick up your feet…you can go farther in the underbrush and won’t trip. Watch out for the moss on the rocks - it’s slippery! Things do happen, of course. The dog tripped me with his stick and I fell on my knee. Could have been worse.

Heather the musician says, “There are bears on the mountain. I just say, Hello, Mr. Bear! I am just visiting here. This is your home. I’m just going to walk quietly down the mountain and leave you in peace...And if it’s windy, don’t go up there. Just look out the kitchen window. Trees can fall on you.”

Artists and musicians have a very practical way of living that is integrative, creative, and joyous. And they are always going up the mountain!

What’s your slogan?

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