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What, Exactly, Is Linda Fairchild & Company?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Linda Fairchild & Company is a Marketing Group that serves artists, musicians, writers, and activists.​

We refine your creative process, define your unique selling proposition, and polish your brand. We support talented individuals seeking to expand their visibility in their existing fields or looking to branch out into new markets. We promote artists, we advance authors to literary agencies and publishing companies, we champion causes, we create events and productions, all within the discriminating use of media.

Linda Fairchild, Agent & Founder, received her honors degree in Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University that shaped her career and profoundly affected her thinking around the creative arts. Her ability to problem solve and manage complexity in dynamic, artistic business environments stems from this multi-disciplinary approach.

Linda has worked cross-industry, from developing a unique monochromatic design concept for her children's wear company to the founding of an art gallery and intellectual salon. She gained notoriety as an agent in her vibrant and highly visible, high-demand location for emerging businesses and public events. Book launches, film screenings, musical performances, and art exhibitions became the pulse of the historic building located in the North Waterfront of San Francisco.

​Raised in Canada in the Celtic province of Nova Scotia, Linda settled in California and has recently relocated her office to Marin County. Currently, she is working with her Bay Area Artists and Collectors, and other passionate environmentalists, to stop further development above the Golden Gate Bridge bordering the headlands of Marin.

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