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It's All About Architecture! And Episcopalians!

This weekend I had the good fortune to meet Robert Lamb Hart in the home he designed in Tiburon, California for his family. His wife Liz and I serve on the Altar Guild of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in nearby Belvedere, an architectural delight in itself. I call it "Romanesque Contemporary". He gave me an autographed copy of his superb book "A New Look at Humanism in Architecture, Landscapes and Urban Design"

He is a practicing architect, currently Chairman Emeritus of Hart Howerton, a planning, architecture, landscape, and interior design firm with a global practice, headquartered in New York and San Francisco. He was educated in architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design under Walter Gropius and in city planning at the University of Pennsylvania in the Louis Kahn and Ian McHarg years.

As I was exploring the reviews, I entered the blog of Duo Dickinson, Common/Edge

As Duo says, we’re looking to fuse the common ground of familiar truths, with the creative edge of discovery and innovation. Which is exactly what you feel when you are at St. Stephen's. Our building is heated by the cross-shaped solar panels on the roof.

Duo's wife Liz Morison and I were dorm mates at St. Paul's School, in Concord, New Hampshire and attended chapel in our beautiful cathedral. While I know her well, I had no idea that her husband wrote such a thought-provoking and brilliant blog! There are quite a few Paulies at St. Stephen's.

Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul Who knows what delights are in store for me this weekend?


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