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Frank Thoms 'Behind the Red Veil'

We are pleased to introduce our new client, Frank Thoms, renowned writer and educator with a unique and deep understanding of Marxist Socialism, Russian History and the Soviet Union. Following twenty-five years of teaching in American schools, Thoms taught in the Soviet Union during the Gorbachev years where he gained the trust and respect of the Russians he befriended, forming deep, lifelong friendships and in the process learning much about himself along the way.

In Thoms' words, 'My book offers insight into uninhibited Russian thinking, which has lurked underneath authoritarian rule for centuries. Readers have found my insights intriguing, respectful, and revealing about the Russians and this American among them. The Russian people, despite the evil actions of their leader, are worthy of our knowing and understanding. They are, after all, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins, boys, girls, students, and joyful, sad, hopeful … I found them to be engaging, thoughtful, and caring. I am grateful to have known so many.'

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