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Artist of the Week: Painter and Illustrator Claudio Nalerio

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

South American painter Nalerio lives and works in Northern California. His art is highly influenced by the rich architecture and landscapes of Argentina and Uruguay with flavors from his father's native Italy.

Nalerio's unique paintings combine oils with a sculptural plaster technique that adds depth and a bas-relief feeling to his art. In the final stages of his works, Nalerio adds delicate and amusing details that bring character and humor to the viewer.

Claudio Nalerio is known for his commissioned paintings that are custom designed for the architecture of the client's home. Drawing upon beloved themes of sea, beaches, and the charming towns and cities of his heritage, he creates unique scenes with secret details that are particularly poignant for his collectors.

The hand of the artist in the text of Nalerio's sketchbooks is distinctive and enchanting. His children's books in Spanish are in development.

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