Jeffrey Keith 

Contemporary American painter  represented in many public, private, and museum collections around the country and abroad. Currently sailing to the finish line of the third book of his Trilogy, literary fiction exploring the Hero’s Journey and themes of modern life in a multi-generational saga.

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In the first novel of The Pearson’s Bight Trilogy, Holland Dickerson, 42-year old, self-absorbed writer and father of two boys, discovers that the world does not respond kindly to his ill-humor and rude behavior.  


Visual Art

After thirty years of making stunningly beautiful, luscious abstract oil paintings, Keith has created a new series, "Honcho", that is amusing, edgy, anthropomorphic, and speaks to the idiosyncratic and loveable characters in his writing.

Illustrated Books

ALPHABRIKS is an alphabet learning book in Limerick Form that is wickedly appealing to adults.