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Jaz Fabry

Innovative photographer & painter, Master of the Digital Darkroom. Exhibits in New York, Los Angeles and Oakland, California. Currently living and working on the island of Maui in Hawaii. His work expresses the best of contemporary art: edgy, unexpected, evocative, and shamelessly unafraid of hyper-realistic beauty.

Portrait of the artist Jaz Fabry

Fine Art Photography

New fine art photography series, "Castles in the Sky", reflects a contemporary hybrid of traditional black & white and color photography. This Welsh castle is an excellent example of the artist's surreal, atmospheric compositions.

Photo of medieval castle in England

Digital Art

New series "Ghost Town Good Vibrations" speaks to the economic turndown caused by the ravages of COVID-19. Choosing

Hawaiian towns and shopping malls as his subject, Fabry superimposes geometric slabs of vibrant color onto his digital images to imagine a revitalized urban landscape.

Photo of shopping mall in Hawaii


Combining classical painting, digital art, collage, and mixed media, Fabry creates abstract paintings that are vibrant, energetic, and colorful.

Abstract painting by Jaz Fabry
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