what we do

Who are you?

What makes you unique?

How do you want to look and feel?


We help you answer these questions. 


We build the essential elements for your identity, including logos, websites, and business cards.


We build success by elevating the essential message above the fog and noise. We present that message with clarity and simplicity.

Identify The Essence:
Your Core Branding
Align Vision with Work Flow

All startups and emerging businesses, whether starting from a naked canvas or a backdrop of a mature business begin with enthusiasm and focus on the new idea. Our role is to help our clients move ideas forward in an organized and thoughtful way.

Linda has reworked many departments, many company divisions, honored many startups. She understands the pressure on dedicated employees with high-performance CEOs, founders. We act as a bridge during transitions and transformations. We help staff adjust to new management. We also bring new talent to new companies & acquisitions.

In 2017 Linda Fairchild & Company is bringing together architectural teams and financial backers to develop progressive designs that are sensitive to the needs of our growing population and delicate planet.  We are match- makers at heart.  We match individuals to opportunities, opportunities to teams.

It's about giving and sharing talent and opportunity.

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