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The Art of Transformation: a historic multi-use building becomes a dynamic art gallery

Founder of contemporary art gallery and intellectual salon in the North Waterfront District of San Francisco, Linda Fairchild integrated high-end painting; photography; fiber art; and sculpture from her international mix of artists into a historic brick building to form a commercial art

gallery and center for cultural events.

Over 6 years she filled the 30,000 sq. foot building with stunning art and hosted art exhibitions and promotional events that attracted collectors, business people, educators, and the local arts community. The multi-use building became increasingly visible and appealed to emerging companies that wanted a powerful presence, an attractive location and a nurturing work environment that stimulated creativity and connection.

"My tenants and their clients constantly comment on how

beautiful the art is. Linda is a promoter by nature and continually attracts attention and brings new tenants to my building."

- William Meyer, Owner

"I rented in this building because of the art. I have very appreciative clients."

- Jean L. Batman, Esq., Legal Venture Counsel

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