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Linda Fairchild & Company is a business development creative team that supports entrepreneurs and business leaders shaping change within larger organizations.


We understand the importance of the interaction between Visual and Literary communication, and how fine tuning that relationship affects the development and growth of the business. The world has shifted rapidly to 75% Visual, 25% Literary and that affects how we refine and push the message out.


We have deep and diverse experience designing business solutions that come from our unique artistic discipline and expression. As we structure new ideas in the ever-evolving tech landscape, we continually revisit the visceral and immediate challenges in front of us.


As artists do each day as they face a blank canvas or a messy studio. Take the imperfect, messy landscape, shape it and focus in a dynamic environment.


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

                                                        - Aristotle

Photo of Linda Fairchild 2015

Linda Fairchild, President & CEO


Linda's academic work in Design Science at Harvard University shaped her career and profoundly affected her thinking around problem solving and managing complexity in dynamic business environments. Her thesis advisor, Arthur L. Loeb, called his language "Visual Mathematics" and "Design Science" leading to his lifelong collaboration with innovator and visionary  R. Buckminster Fuller and artist M.C. Escher.


Linda applies structural thinking when needed to the entire landscape of an organization: teams, product lines, environments. She works cross-industry and has restructured medical practices; developed a unique monochromatic design concept for childrenswear in the high-volume garment industry; rapidly scaled product lines for fast-growth precious metal jewelry company; and transformed a historic building in the North Waterfront of San Francisco through the creation of an art gallery and intellectual salon. The building gained notoriety as a vibrant and highly visible, high-demand location for emerging businesses seeking space.


Raised in eastern Canada in the Celtic province of Nova Scotia, Linda settled in California following her education in New England. She now lives in Mill Valley, a town well known for its community of Creatives and Thought Leaders.

Portrait of Bob Gouveia

Bob Gouveia, Chief Creative Officer


Visual, verbal, and accomplished in all media, Bob's as much a strong strategist as he is creative visionary. To him it’s all about creating an appropriate solution—based on a sound differentiating position—that breaks through, engages, and triggers the desired response with a genuine connection between product and audience.


Bob’s expertise comes from a small group of New York, Boston and San Francisco agencies with a large array of clients—from family owned to Fortune 500. His portfolio is rich with successful and award-winning work for companies like, British Airways, Campbell’s Soup, Charles Schwab, FedEx, Fisher Price, GM, IBM, and Symantec just to name a few.


With a sledgehammer in hand, Bob worked hard in the construction industry to pay his way through college. Since his graduation from the School of Visual Arts in NYC it’s no surprise that through the years Bob has liked nothing more than to create hard-hitting and hard-working, human advertising solutions.

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